You’re Ready to Make A Second Property Investment – We’re Here to Help You

We’ve worked with hundreds of people who are looking expanding their portfolios with land, rental properties, and fixer-uppers, and we’ve learned a few things about making the right investment decisions.

The Equity Question

Home equity refers to the difference between your property’s value and the amount left to pay on your mortgage. When you invest in a second property that isn’t your primary residence, you can leverage any equity you’ve built up with an existing loan to help cover down payments or costs that aren’t met by your new mortgage. We’ll help you determine your current accrued equity, as well as use it wisely.

Choose the Right Loan Option

When you buy an investment property and you already have a home loan or a home loan history, you get to choose from a wider range of loan options. Between considering accounting and taxation costs, fixed rate loans vs. variable rate loans, and Interest Only vs. Principal and Interest, every person has different circumstances that determine an ideal loan structure. We’ll help you take everything into account and make a decision that will pay off in the long run.

Mortgage for a New Primary Residence with a Rental

If you plan on moving to a new primary residence and keeping your existing property as a rental, you’ll have special considerations to take into account. You’ll need to investigate the taxes associated with your new rental property, which will be different than when that same property was your primary residence. And since your new mortgage will be dependent on having a signed lease from a renter, you’ll also want to make sure you have cash reserves on hand to temporarily cover repairs and unforeseen expenses.

Converting a current residence into a rental property and moving to a new home can be a great investment, so don’t worry. After a little financial organization, we’ll help you reach your investment goals and build the wealth you’re looking for.

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